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We’ve lowered our prices. ¬†How does free sound?

LearnSpeed Pricing
$.49/Session or Free Using LearnSpeed Payments
Unlimited Centers
Unlimited Students, Parents, Instructors, and Administrators
No Monthly Minimum
No Per User License
No Database Limits

Your tutoring business is seasonal. We understand that. LearnSpeed has never charged by the number of users you have or how many students are in your database. We’ve always been based on the work you do. If most of your customers are off during the summer then so are we.

But to go along with the introduction of our integrated credit card payment module, LearnSpeed Payments, we’re both lowering our usage price to just $.49 per session and giving you the opportunity to use the system for free!

LearnSpeed Payments lets you keep credit cards on file to pay for your customers’ sessions. Use it to pay invoices, pre-purchase sessions, product sales, or implement automatic pay-as-you-go pricing.

Any time you use LearnSpeed Payments to charge a client for their session, we will waive the session fee. We get such great rates on credit card processing that not only can we cover the cost of the system, but we can pass a great merchant account rate on to you.

LearnSpeed with Payment Processing
(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

  • Merchant Services monthly fees: $0/month
  • LearnSpeed session fees: $0/session
  • Integrated Payment Processing fees: 3.3% + $0.30/transaction
  • Compare to Quickbooks 3.4% + $0.25/transaction

LearnSpeed without Payment Processing

  • No monthly fees
  • $0.49 per session posted in LearnSpeed