LearnSpeed Features


Session Types

Session Types allow you to configure different billing rates and session report notes for the different services you provide.

  • Specify different session types based on the service you provide
  • Set up to 3 billing rates for each session type: the standard billing rate, a late cancellation rate, and an absent rate
  • Override any of the billing rates per client and per student
  • Archive old session types to keep your list short while maintaining historical data
  • Customize the sort order and session report template text
  • Specify Quickbooks account and item names

Instructor Feedback

Ensure that parents and students get valuable feedback from each session, and keep administrators in the loop with admin-only notes and session flagging.

  • Up to 5 free text note fields: Student Note, Parent Note, Admin Note, Group Note, and Invoice Note
  • Up to 4 customizable drop-down menus for session ratings
  • Attach media files, including PDF documents and images, to session reports
  • Alert administrators by marking a session as requiring attention

Writing & Approval

We have a full-featured workflow for session writing and approval.

  • Save sessions as drafts before submitting and come back to them later.
  • Administrators can check the quality and accuracy of a session before approving it
  • Track session time in either minutes or hours.

Attendance, Subjects, & Locations

Fully customize the attendance, subject, and location options for your sessions to suit your model.

  • Fully customize your attendance options within 3 categories: Attended, Late Cancel, and Absent
  • Add unlimited subject options for instructors to select
  • Add unlimited location options for instructors to select

Session Credits

Session Credits allow you to pre-sell a block of time for a student, streamlining prepaid invoicing and automatically integrating with LearnSpeed’s billing system.

  • Create a session credit account for any session type
  • Sessions are automatically pulled from credit instead of being invoiced
  • Email alerts and automatic re-invoicing when credits are low
  • Refill credit accounts in bulk using the Session Credit Manager
  • Credit balance automatically adjusts when sessions are added, edited, or deleted.


Automatic, customizable emails can be sent out whenever a session report is approved.

  • Session report emails can be sent to parents, students, and other stakeholders
  • Decide who gets session reports with customizable account options
  • Fully customizable email templates

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