LearnSpeed Features

Calendar & Scheduling

Event Scheduling

Schedule one-time or recurring events, sessions or non-session meetings, and everything in between on a single calendar.

  • Full recurring event support with weekly , every other week, every 3rd week, monthly, and yearly recurrences
  • Schedule events with students, parents, instructors, and administrators.
  • Unlimited attendees in each event for easy group scheduling
  • All day events
  • Full international timezone and 24-hour time support

Integrated with Session Reports

Our calendar fully integrates into our session reporting pipeline.

  • Automatic tracking of all overdue session reports
  • Inline session editor allows instructors to write session reports from the calendar
  • Define a session’s subject, location, and session type when you schedule it
  • Integrate with classes to easily schedule large group sessions
  • Set student limits for group sessions
  • Track instructor availability for easy session scheduling
  • Add event notes that can be copied to session report notes

Productivity Enhancements

With several innovative and targeted improvements, the calendar is designed to the start of a larger workflow.

  • Drag & drop to easily reschedule events
  • Subscribe to the calendars you use most
  • Filter calendars by name, user tags, or account type.
  • Filter events by location
  • Attach media files, including PDF documents and images, to events
  • Dashboard widget for all users displaying their day’s schedule

Viewing Options

Our calendar has a suite of viewing options that you’ve come to expect from other industry leading calendar solutions.

  • Month, week, and day views
  • View up to 25+ calendars side by side with the column view
  • Enable or disable showing subjects, locations, instructor names, etc.
  • Customize the color of each calendar
  • Each user can customize their own calendar interface

Calendar Sync & Reminders

We provide a host of options for everyone to stay on top of their schedule.

  • Sync to external calendar apps using a universal calendar link
  • Email parent and student schedules with one click
  • Customizable automatic email and text reminders before each session
  • Digest-style agenda emails the day before any session

Reports & Widgets

We offer a dashboard widget and several reports for administrators to gain an overview of their center’s schedule.

  • Dashboard widget for administrators to see the full day’s schedule
  • Printable reports with schedules for any date range
  • YOY reports with revenue prediction based on scheduled sessions

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