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Grow your tutoring business with the industry leading management system. Check out our options and features.

LearnSpeed is incredibly especially extremely useful at managing
your tutoring business.

LearnSpeed Features

Web Based

Availble from anywwhere

Everybody Online

Put all of your students, parents, instructors, and administrators in the system.

Session Reports

Everything you need to record what happened in a tutoring session. Type, date, duration, instructor, student, subject, attendance, ratings, location, notes.

Integrated Credit Card processing

Cut administrative time, bad debt, and accounts receivable. Automate "pay-as-you-go" billing.


Created automatically from sessions or manually. Drives payroll.

Quickbooks Integration

Updates in real time. Syncs clients, invoices, and payments.


Email session reports to everyone. Notifications on all changes.


Automatic invoices. Statements with balance forward. Payments.


Full calendar with integrated scheduling and inline session creation.

Class Support

Manage a class of multiple students in one page.


Upload and attach documents and images for student and instructor use.

Task Manager

Never drop the ball again.


Daily backups. Fully encrypted.


All of your data the way you want it.

We're not the only ones excited thankful happy about LearnSpeed...

Over 1 Million sessions in 5 countries have been managed by LearnSpeed