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LearnSpeed is a web-based education center and tutor management system that efficiently handles all of the instructors, students, clients and transactions of a modern tutoring business.

LearnSpeed works for tutoring and test-preparation centers, music schools, counseling offices, golf and tennis teaching centers, and many other professional session-based businesses. Organizations using the system across the country have dramatically improved their quality of service while decreasing their administrative costs.

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LearnSpeed grows with your business, handling everything from single person companies to multi-location organizations with hundreds of instructors and thousands of students.

Now With Scheduling

So much of your business depends on efficient and accurate scheduling. LearnSpeed understands this and has the solution you have been waiting for.

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Explore how LearnSpeed can grow your business.

“One of the best decisions I have made.”

- Steve Shapiro, Owner

“Simple and accessible from anywhere.”

- Lori L. Eickleberry, Ph. D.

“It’s a time saver and makes my job much easier!”

- Tanya Wold, Director