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LearnSpeed is the industry leading education services data management system. LearnSpeed efficiently manages tutors, therapists, counselors, administrators, students, and parents.

LearnSpeed features integrated scheduling software, payment processing, QuickBooks integration and much more. 

LearnSpeed works for tutoring, and test-preparation centers, special education services providers, music schools, counseling offices, and many other professional session-based businesses.

Organizations worldwide have dramatically improved their quality of service while decreasing their administrative costs. As the leading education services business software, LearnSpeed grows with you.  Since 2006, LearnSpeed has partnered with single person companies to multi-location organizations with hundreds of instructors and thousands of students.

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Over 2 Million sessions in 6 countries have been handled with LearnSpeed

Available Everywhere

LearnSpeed is in the cloud. We take care of the day to day issues of running your data management system so you can concentrate on running your business.

All of your clients, students, instructors, and administrators are online and connected. Your clients are notified about the results of each tutoring session. Your instructors and students have access to their calendars and everyone is notified when meetings change. Reminders go out too.

LearnSpeed handles all the headaches of backups, security, and uptime.

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LearnSpeed Features


Web Based

Available from anywhere.



Created automatically from sessions or manually. Drives payroll.


Class Support

Manage a class of multiple students in one page.


Everybody Online

Put all of your students, parents, instructors, and administrators in the system.


Quickbooks Integration

Updates in real time. Syncs clients, invoices, and payments.



Upload and attach documents and images for student and instructor use.


Payment Process

Integrated credit card processing. Cut administrative time, bad debt, and accounts receivable. Automate “pay-as-you-go” billing.



Automatic invoices. Statements with balance forward. Payments.



Daily backups. Hardened servers. Fully encrypted.


Session Reports

Everything you need to record what happened in a tutoring session. Type, date, duration, instructor, student, subject, attendance, ratings, location, notes.



Email session reports to everyone. Notifications on all changes.


Task Management

Never drop the ball again.



Sell products like books and setup fees directly to your customers.



Full calendar with integrated scheduling and inline session creation.



All of your data the way you want it.

Just some of the companies using LearnSpeed

We’re not the only ones excited about LearnSpeed.

“One of the best decisions I have made.”

Steve Shapiro

Owner, Pinnacle Learning Center

“One button invoices is a miracle.  Simple and accessible from anywhere.”

Natalina Maiorino

Controller, Score At The Top Learning Centers and Schools

“It allowed us to focus on what we did and not how we did it.”

Lisa Miller

Owner, Classroom Matters