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To get the update:

Simply login to LearnSpeed and click the Refresh button on your browser.

Items in the update:

  • Session Credits are now more accurate when reloading in bulk.
  • Some UI tweaks to the Session Credit Manager, mostly for centers who track time in minutes rather than hours.
  • The list of credit card types when adding an on-file credit card can now be restricted to only those you accept.
  • Fixes for some issues affecting Media item uploads.
  • A default Timesheet Type can now be added per Session Type to allow for a fallback timesheet to be created in the event that an instructor does not have the correct timesheet type associated with their account.
  • Scheduling a student with an instructor on the calendar now automatically links their accounts. This allows instructors with “Limit Students” to view the student’s account page without an administrator manually linking the two.
  • Fixes to editing series of availability on the calendar.
  • Changing Session Report details from within the calendar now correctly shows in the Session Report and Timesheet sections of the Approve tab.
  • Scheduling an instructor with a new student now links the instructor to the student automatically.
  • Some UI tweaks to streamline billing and prevent mistakes.