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We’re happy to announce our scheduled update has been released. Here is a list of the features and improvements in the update:

Improved performance and reliability

  • LearnSpeed has moved to a demand-based server setup that allows us to much more responsively increase our resources when they are needed. This should improve delays, slowdowns, etc. during peak hours.

Two new reports and improvements to existing reports

  • Added a new “Purchase Export” report, which generates a spreadsheet with a list of Purchase records for a particular date range, filterable by client and student.
  • Improved formatting for the existing “Monthly Session Counts by Type” report.
  • Added a new “Monthly Session Counts by Event Session Type” report, which works much like the “Monthly Session Counts by Type” report, but is run entirely against calendar data for more consistent results for some centers.
  • Fixed refund issue with totals in “Invoice Totals” report.
  • Fixed student filter in “Export Approved Session Hours” report.

Improvements to filtering and searching

  • Added a Gender filter option to the Center options that enables a Gender filter in the instructors list.
  • Added the ability to search and filter sessions in the Uninvoiced tab by the client’s user tags.
  • Fixed issue with postal code searching for instructors.

Calendar updates

  • Updating an inline session’s type now correctly reprices the session.
  • Adding a student to a class or group session after the original event has been created now correctly assigns the scheduled session type to that student.
  • The inline session form now correctly respects session type restrictions on the student and/or client accounts.
  • Events can no longer be created with blank owners, or edited to have blank owners.

Other updates and improvements

  • The Note field for subscriptions is now included in the invoice description and syncs to Quickbooks via web connector.
  • Fixed issue where unauthorized users could adjust their own tags if the center has “Instructors Can Admin Their Tags” was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with ACH account verification on the Transax platform.
  • Reformatted the Public Page URL to be more compact.
  • Added a Billing Address field to the Instructor account.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the items in this update, please logout and log back into your account.