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LearnSpeed is happy to announce the release of a set of new features and improvements.

All modifications are released, so you can start using them immediately. If you do not see any of the updates mentioned in this post, please log out of LearnSpeed, log back in, and click the Refresh button on your browser.

New Features

Public Schedule Page

Every user’s calendar now has a public page that contains their schedule. This page displays a list of all scheduled events in the future, similar to the “Student Schedule” or “Instructor Schedule” report.

Public Schedule Page

To view the public page:
  1. Go to the main Calendar tab and find the name of the user whose page you want to view.
  2. Select “Public page URL” from the drop-down menu next to their name.

This page is persistent (which means it can be bookmarked) and will always contain the most up-to-date calendar data. Anyone with the link can view this page—no LearnSpeed login required.

Email Button for Public Schedule Page

The easiest way to share this page with students, clients, and instructors is to use the new “Email Calendar” button. This button has been added next to each user’s name when they appear in the search results of the Account Search bar. Using this feature from the Account Search bar at the bottom of the Calendar tab is especially efficient.

Email Button

To email a user the link to their public page:
  1. Find the Account Search bar at the top of the Home tab, or at the bottom of most other pages in the system.
  2. Search for the name of the user to whom you want to send the email.
  3. Click the “Email Calendar” button next to the name of the user in the search results.
Notes on functionality
  • Emailing a student will send a link to that student’s page.
  • Emailing a client will send a link to the pages of every enabled student under that client.
  • Emailing an instructor will send a link to that instructor’s page.
  • Anyone with the link can view this page—no LearnSpeed login required.

New Calendar Widget

A new “Student Events” widget has been added that allows administrators to view a dynamically updated list of all session events in the calendar for any date range. This is similar to the “Today’s Calendar” report, but updates with the latest information every time you go to the Home tab.

Student Events Widget

To add this widget:
  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. Click the “Add Widget” button in the bottom-left of the Home tab.
  3. Find “Student Events” in the menu and click the “add” link next to it.
  4. To rearrange the order of your widgets, click and drag on the three-line icon (☰) in the upper-right corner of the widget.

First/Last Event Tracking

LearnSpeed’s calendar now tracks the first and last event in a scheduled event series. This information is tracked individually per person, so if a student starts in a class session later than the rest of the class, LearnSpeed tracks and displays that information for that student separately from the rest of the group.

This information can be presented directly in the calendar view (via a small “F” or “L” icon on the event). The “Today’s Calendar” report and the new “Student Events” widget also include this information via two columns: “Series First” and “Series Last.”

First Last Tracking

To show the “F” and “L” icons in your calendar:
  1. Go to the main Calendar tab.
  2. If the gray sidebar has been hidden in your calendar view, click the “Hide Calendars” button to show it.
  3. Enable the “Series First and Last” checkbox in the gray sidebar.

New Reports

Three new reports are accessible from the Reports tab.

Projected Event Revenue

The “Projected Event Revenue” report allows you to project your upcoming revenue into the future, based on your scheduled session hours in a customizable date range. For group sessions, the length of the session is multiplied by the number of students to produce the predicted hours and revenue. This report queries calendar events and uses the default rate for that session type (the “sticker price”) to predict revenue.

  • This report only includes calendar events with Session Types specified.
Monthly Session Counts by Type

The “Monthly Session Counts by Type” report provides a year-over-year view of session counts, broken down by month and session type. It also projects session counts into the future by looking at session types of events on the calendar. This report queries actual session report data for past months and calendar event data for the future.

  • This report only includes calendar events with Session Types specified.
Instructor Schedule Date Range

Very similar to the existing “Instructor Schedule” report, the “Instructor Schedule Date Range” report allows you to view instructors’ entire calendar schedules for any date range you select. The report can be run for all instructors, or filtered to a selected instructor. Instructors have access to this report for their own schedule only.

Admin Access to Email Logs

Administrators now have access to their center’s LearnSpeed email logs. The logs are updated every 15 minutes, so if an email was sent out less than 15 minutes in the past, it may not appear in the logs. The logs are searchable by email address and subject line.

To access the email logs:
  1. Go to the Admin tab.
  2. Email logs are in the far right sub-tab, called “Email Log.”

New “Company” Field for Clients

Client accounts now have a searchable “Company” field.

To access the company field:
  1. Go to a client’s account page.
  2. Click the “Edit” button next to the client’s name.
  3. The “Company” field is below the phone number fields.


Instructor Availability Permissions

All instructors can edit their availability on the calendar, even if they did not create it. This applies both to instructors who can schedule sessions (i.e. with “Can Schedule Students” enabled on their account) and to instructors who cannot schedule sessions (i.e. with “Can Schedule Students” disabled on their account). This change is implemented by default; no user action is required.

  • If instructor calendars are set to read-only mode, this change will not override that setting; in this case, instructors will still be prevented from changing anything.

Class Copy Functionality

Administrators can now copy all the parameters of a class into a new empty class. The specified Session Type, Hours, Instructor, Location, Subject, and Default Attended/Unattended Type fields are all copied. No linked students or instructors are copied.

To copy a Class:
  1. Go to the Classes tab under the Students sub-tab.
  2. Click the “copy” link next to the “edit” and “delete” links for the class you want to copy.
  3. A new class will be created with the word “(copy)” appended to the name of the old class. You can click the “edit” link next to the copied class to update the name.

Improved Handling of Disabled Accounts and Classes

We have made several improvements to the way the system handles disabled user accounts and disabled Classes to reduce clutter and speed up workflow. All of these changes are implemented by default; no user action is required.

  • All filters in the People tab now default to “Enabled,” removing the need to change the filter on login.
  • The filter in the Classes tab now defaults to “Enabled,” removing the need to change the filter on login.
  • Disabled accounts no longer appear in the drop-down menus when scheduling on the calendar.
  • Disabled Classes no longer appear in the drop-down “Student Class” menu when scheduling on the calendar.
  • Disabled accounts no longer appear in the “Student Schedule,” “Instructor Schedule,” or “Instructor Schedule Date Range” report.

Other Improvements

Paginated Lists

Enabling/disabling a user account no longer sends you back to the beginning of the list.

Percent Discounts

Percent discounts and scholarships can now include decimals.