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We are aware of an issue that causes many changes made to the database not to be reflected immediately. Symptoms may include the appearance that your changes are not being saved, or an excessive delay when making changes or switching between areas of the site. We are working to find the underlying cause of this delay and resolve it as soon as we can.

Update 11/29

We have found the cause of the slowdown. We are in the process of addressing the issue and should be able to release the fix today.

Update 11/30

We have implemented a back-end fix that should fully address the slowdown in all areas of the site. We will continue to monitor usage and update this post if necessary.

Update 12/13

We are aware that there are still some periods in which high volume of usage is causing slowdown. While this lag/delay should not exceed 5-10 seconds, we understand that this can be frustrating for many users. We are actively testing a new architecture that will more easily scale to meet demand, addressing the lag during peak times.