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Classroom Matters Grows With LearnSpeed

In 1998, at the request of a parent, Molly Gales began tutoring out of her Berkeley California living room. Gales, a Berkeley High School teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education went on to found tutoring company Classroom Matters. She and fellow Berkeley High School teacher Lisa Miller set out to support students and their families in a more holistic way by focusing on the whole student and addressing their process in school.

Today Classroom Matters employs 25 instructors and works with over 400 families throughout the Bay Area.

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Classroom Matters provides academic support and mentoring to students in kindergarten through high school. Their unique process focuses on the student’s study skills in addition to their actual schoolwork. In the last two years, the company has grown over 45%. Thanks in no small part to LearnSpeed.

“Without a doubt LearnSpeed has facilitated our growth”, says Miller. “Having everything in one place, on-line, and easy to use has made all of our administrative work much more efficient.”

Prior to LearnSpeed, the company used a collection of separate services for scheduling, billing, notes, tasks and collaboration.

“We used to spend all of our time inputting and verifying everything”, continues Miller. “Nothing talked to each other. LearnSpeed has allowed us to work with more clients because it streamlined our entire process. It’s been very good for our bottom line”

Classroom Matters looks forward to continued growth helping families in the Bay Area community.