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This Check Box Is Your Tutoring Business’s Secret Weapon

This Check Box Is Your Tutoring Business’s Secret Weapon

What makes for a successful education services business?

I think everyone would agree that high quality, likable instructors with strong communication skills and subject matter expertise is a must. If the company is providing test preparation or other prescriptive programs, then effective research based curriculum is also very important. But how can a center owner or director really leverage LearnSpeed’s power?

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Added – Account Referrals System

LearnSpeed now has a an enhanced relationship system for connecting user referrals.  Under your ‘People’ menu tab is the new sub tab ‘Partners’.  Create new records for as many outside referring source, counselors, therapists, etc. as you need.... read more

LearnSpeed Now Handles Product Sales

Need to sell your clients books or materials or class fees? LearnSpeed now has the ability for companies to sell non-session items to their clients. Centers can define their own products with prices, descriptions, and QuickBooks item codes. Administrators create... read more